The Ussy is an artistic, abstract, high quality, designer masturbator invented, developed, designed, and sustainably produced in Berlin, Germany, from high quality 100% safe certified silicone.

The Ussy’s abstract shape is seductive from every angle to see and feel. The soft folds at the entrance massage with a gentle touch to create a variety of sensations. The premium silicone material allows for easy squeezing all over to control the tightness, and its breathing hole can be covered with a reach of a finger to create suction. The solid weight of the Ussy allows it to be used hands-free and held in place anywhere, whether on a bed or the dining room table!

The soft, smooth tunnel has small nodes to keep the moisture inside, and the  high-quality silicone that makes it feel so good also makes it incredibly easy to clean. Every position leads to a new, exciting sensation and its versatility encourages play alone, as well as with a partner. Custom colors are available upon request. The Ussy is shipped discreetly in environmentally conscious packaging.


We created the Ussy because of the lack of standards for male sex toys. Our aim is for the Ussy’s abstract, elegant design, high quality material and production, and awesome experience to make using masturbators alone and together something that everyone can feel empowered and excited about. We promote a world where women are not objectified and sexual exploration is celebrated.


The prestigious Museum of Sex in New York City awarded our masterpiece masturbator Product of the Month May 2019. It has received positive reviews from renowned publications Men’s Health, Jetzt.de, Bento.de, Exberliner, and LOLA.

Award-winning erotic filmmaker and feminist icon  Erica Lust has endorsed the Ussy. She said: “ The Ussy is a great toy; it’s flexible, soft, sleek and beautiful. My husband is very happy with it! I love it when men own toys and incorporate using them into their daily lives. I think that sometimes men can take sex too seriously, toys help them understand the importance of play.”

Aside from our online shop the Ussy can be found in several like-minded sex-positive stores in Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, and at the Museum of Sex in New York City. Want to feature the Ussy in your store? Get in touch info@theussy.com



The Ussy

Museum of Sex NYC

Logo and Design



  • Thomas fantasizes about creating a premium quality, aesthetically elegant, and non-objectifying masturbator  


  • Michael and Thomas move in together and decide to work together. Michael sketches out a design for the Ussy and makes clay prototypes.
  • Michael and Thomas show their friend Juanito the designs and he responds: “Ooooo Siiii!” It’s important to Michael and Thomas to redefine the male sex toy in a pro-feminist way. Inspired by Juanito and an urge to deconstruct an often negatively used word beginning with p, they choose the name, The Ussy.


  • Thomas and Michael perfect their design using computer modeling. They study web design and business to learn their craft.


  • Thomas spends some months testing different silicone with his first mould.

  • Thomas, Michael and their friends test out the early prototypes.

Janurary 2018

  • Thomas and Michael are finally satisfied with the design and they find a highly skilled, professional firm in Berlin to produce the product.

May 2018

  • The Ussy finds its first home at Other Nature in Berlin and makes its first sale!

June 2018

August 2018

  • The Ussy gets its first (and extremely complimentary) review from Mr. Racy

October 2018

  • Long-running Berlin magazine Exberliner includes The Ussy in its “Best of Berlin” section, recommending it as “a designer wank”.

December 2018

  • Berlin’s cult favorite cultural magazine LOLA recommends The Ussy in its section, “Lola Loves”.

April 2019

  • Jetzt.de recommends The Ussy in its feature Interview: “Ussy”, das neue Sextoy für Männer

  • Award-winning erotic filmmaker and feminist icon Erika Lust endorses The Ussy.

May 2019

Aug. 2019

Oct. 2019

Feb. 2020

  • We partnered up with Atmosfair, a German non-profit organization that actively contributes to CO₂ mitigation by creating renewable energies so you can love yourself and mother earth at the same time!
  • The O Box Blog Review

March. 2020

  • Men’s Health Review! “You’ll definitely orgasm harder than when you use your boring ol’ hands.”
  • The legendary Bishop Black reviews the ussy and trys it out!

November. 2020

Q & A!

How did you guys come up with the idea for the Ussy?

Thomas: Well, I was working at a place that makes prototypes for other companies out of silicone and its always been a dream of mine to have my own product. I realized that there were lots of sex toys for men on the market but that they all seemed to be furthering a negative image of masturbating putting it in a dirty corner, or making it a silly joke, and the majority of them are made out of crappy material. So I thought that if I could come up with a nice design and use good material, I could provide something that a lot of people appreciate.

How did you meet each other?

Michael: I was actually staying in the room right next to Thomas in Buttmanstrasse(which is ironic thinking back because I’ve been working on a series of paintings themed around butts since then). I was in a crisis after breaking up with my girlfriend. One afternoon I asked him, “What should I do with my life?” Thomas replied, “Well I’ve been wanting to come up with a nice design for a male sex toy for a while now, maybe you can do it?” That night I drew up a bunch of designs and the next day I went out and bought 8 kilos of clay and went to it. I made some miniatures of my favorite drawings but somehow it was clear from the beginning to me how it should look.

What makes it different from other sextoys?

Michael: Unlike the majority of masturbators, it’s made out of high-quality silicone that is super easy to clean. It is abstract, beautiful and stylish. Functionally, one of the big differences is that you can squeeze it to make it as tight as you want. It’s soft and easy for anyone to hold. You can cover its breathing hole to make suction and it has spreadable lips that massage with your movement. It can be put anywhere and its weight and design allows for you to use it hands-free. You can lay it on the bed, your desk, or between your partner’s legs. Hold it from the top, bottom, with one hand or two, and turn it in every direction. Every position will lead to a new sensation. It also comes in any color you would like.

How did you choose the material?

Thomas: If you are looking for a high-quality and safe material (which you should actually expect from a sex toy), silicone cured by a platinum catalyst is the only way to go. But, we still had to find the perfect softness with our high-safety standards in mind, and it had to be able to be moulded in a vacuum chamber. After years of testing different silicones we found the perfect solution. It is 100% safe, EG 67/548EWG and DIN EN ISO 9001 certified, and feels amazing.

What was the inspiration behind its appearance?

Michael: I wanted to make something easy to hold that looked like a modern sculpture and had the power of seduction from the shape and curves alone. An elegant, abstract work of art that you can stick your penis in, and when you do, it should feel as good as it looks. I wanted it to be unique and complex but appear simple, and I wanted to allow the user to be able to improvise and play with it.

Is the Ussy competition for a partner?

Thomas: No way! The Ussy is an alternative to a person, not a replacement, and using it together with a partner is a lot of fun! We hope that its beautiful design will make using toys alone and together easier to approach for everyone.

I have got hands, why do I need a masturbator?

Michael: You do not need a masturbator, but if you want to explore and learn about your body, have sublime new sexual experiences, and like the idea of climaxing inside of something warm and enjoying the aftermath of an incredible orgasm, then you should give it a try! As Erika Lust also said about The Ussy; “It’s a good way for men to understand the importance of play.”

How did you come up with the name?

Michael: One of our friends saw us in the very early stages of development and said “Oooo Siiii!” This developed into a somewhat artistic approach of taking the word pussy, which has a negative connotation, deconstructing it and turning it into something new. Of course Ussy is also a fun word that fits its abstract shape.

How is it packaged?

Thomas: The Ussy is delivered in a food neutral plastic bag which is slightly vacuumed and sealed so our customers are able to see and feel the product before breaking the hygienic seal. Our commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment means that we are against packaging with excessive material that will be used once and thrown away. Of course, The Ussy gets shipped very discreetly in a cardboard box sent by a private address. If it has to cross borders, The Ussy is declared as a silicone product.

How much does it cost?

Thomas: The Ussy costs 169 Euro and it will last a lifetime if it is properly cared for. This is because of the high-quality silicone. With other toys the material hardens or gets sticky in time. Inserts need to be replaced, or you need to use chemicals to make them soft again. Cheap materials, more often than not, contain dangerous substances that are bad for your skin. The Ussy will be as versatile as it was when you first bought it forever.

I need The Ussy! Where can I get one?

We have an online shop, theussy.com. It is available at the Museum of Sex in New York City, where it was selected as the Product of the Month for “Masturbation Month”. We have also selected a few stores in Germany, where the sex-positive energy and goals correspond to ours, such as Other Nature and Sexclusivitaten in Berlin, Fuck Yeah in Hamburg, and Voegelei in Leipzig.