Introducing the first masturbator with style, The Ussy.


Introducing the first mastubator with style, The Ussy.


Made in Germany. Invented, developed, designed, and sustainably produced in Berlin.


High quality RTV Silicone EG 67/548EWG and DIN EN ISO 9001 certified


Safe, gentle on the body, odorless, non-stick, and extremely durable


Easy to clean (within minutes), waterproof and submersible


Spreadable lips that gently massage with your movement


Stimulating squeezable handle to control the tightness


Soft, smooth tunnel with small nodes designed to keep the moisture inside


Breathing hole that creates suction when covered by a finger tip

High Quality Silicone

The Ussy was invented, developed, designed and sustainably Made in Germany from high quality RTV silicone EG 67/548EWG and DIN EN ISO 9001 certified. It is a masturbator that is safe, gentle on the body, odorless, non-stick, easy to clean, and can last a lifetime.


Custom colors available on request, environmentally conscious packaging

Design and Desire

The Ussy’s abstract shape is seductive from every angle to see and feel. Spreadable lips gently massage with your movement. Squeeze its love handle to control the tightness, and cover its breathing hole with a reach of a finger to create suction. The soft, smooth tunnel has small nodes designed to keep the moisture inside. Custom colors are available upon request. 


A sex toy for men with taste worthy of acceptance in our society.



           The Ussy is 100 percent high quality RTV Silicone. According to the European standards for handling chemicals EG 67/548EWG, it is non-toxic and safe. Produced in Germany meeting the German Quality Standards certified by DIN EN ISO 9001, The Ussy is:

Non-porous, Non-stick, Odorless

Free of phthalates, toxins, and chemicals that people can have bad reactions to

Stable, not hardening, not leaking or getting sticky, requiring no “renewing powder”

Lasting a life time if properly cared for

din iso certified
  • Thermoplastic Rubber: TPR, TPE, Elastomer
    Some are nonporous, others are not.  Probably phthalates free. Better choice than jelly rubber.

    Silicone Blends: TPR Silicone, CyberSilicone
    Even though a small amount of silicone might be present (more likely, there is none) in these toys, they are porous.  They are probably phthalates free.  The concept of a silicone blend product is really one invented by some manufacturers.  They want to attract the consumer to the word “silicone” on the box, making them think that the toy is made of a safe material.  These toys should be used with caution.  Who knows what they are really made of.

    Various “skin” or realistic materials: Often going by names such as Cyberskin or Ultraskin.
    Porous and may contain phthalates. Should not be shared without a condom. Limited cleaning options, usually mild soap and water except, in the case of Fleshlight where not even soap can be used. It is recommended that Fleshlight material be rinsed with water and occasionally rubbing alcohol can be used. Many of these products need to be coated in a very fine dusting of cornstarch to preserve the feel of the material. Only water based lubricant can be used with these materials.

    PVC, Jelly, Rubber, Latex
    These are the materials I would definitely stay away from. They are all porous. They most likely all contain phthalates in addition to other irritating chemicals that people can have bad reactions to. Not only should you always use condoms over these when sharing but even when you just use it by yourself. You want a barrier between your delicate skin and and that toxic soup. You shouldn’t use oil based lube with these but silicone or water based should be fine. But seriously, just save up your money a little bit and get quality silicone sex toys instead.

    Found @ http://toymeetsgirlreviews.com/stmsds-html


The Ussy’s simple elegant design seamlessly entangles the most seductive parts of the body into the wild imagination of the abstract. Although it is an inanimate object, the Ussy has so much style that it takes on a personalty of its own. One glance at its beauty lures you to caress its curves and take your penis below the creases of its derriere, to spread its lips and enter its portal of paradise. Nodes line the canal holding the moisture inside keeping it as moist as a summer mist. Move your hand along its body and feel the softness of where the curves of the hips meet the more subtle curves of the waist. Give a squeeze and feel its organic structure as you entice it to tense and relax. Lose yourself in its luscious bottom connecting with your inner thighs upon deep penetration. Make your way over the breasts smooth acclivity and the shoulders round peak and cover its breathing hole with a reach of a finger. Feel it suck and let it breathe. Finish, feel the warmth around your throbbing penis, and enjoy the fulfilling aftermath of an extraordinary orgasm.


A masturbator with taste worthy of acceptance in our society.


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